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Work Your Light Oracle Card Set and Crystals

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Work Your Light Oracle Card Set and Crystals

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This set includes: A Work Your Light Oracle Card Deck, Card Meaning Booklet, 3 Crystals and Fabric Bag

- The most beautiful Cards! These stunning Oracle Cards by Rebecca Campbell feature mesmerising artwork by Dannielle Noel - dreamy figures and pastel colours, each one either open to your own interpretations or deciphered using the included mini book.

This set includes a black fabric bag adorned in golden “Tarot Readings” and 3 polished Crystals which you can either keep alongside your Cards or display elsewhere in your home / carry with you in your bag or pocket.

The Crystals included are:

Amethyst: Associated with Power, Calming Stress. Purple Tones.

Quartz: Associated with Energy, Harmony and Calm. Clear to Cloudy Tones.

Rose Quartz - associated with Love, Friendship, Peace, Harmony

- each Crystal is unique in colour and shape

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