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About our Crystal and Stone Jewellery:

We love using real stones and crystals in our jewellery - it makes a design extra special when it features something so naturally beautiful. We find Crystals mesmerising for both their natural form, the fact they have forms over hundreds of years and their associated meanings - whether Birthstone, Chakra or Properties.

Of course, you should always discuss any health concerns with your Doctor - our Crystals are only intended to be enjoyed and should not replace medical treatment or advice from medical professionals :)  

Caring for your purchase:

Plated Brass Jewellery:
Our costume jewellery pieces, like any jewellery using plated brass, will gradually fade with prolonged wear to a more 'brassy' tone. Avoid getting your plated jewellery wet (showering in it / swimming in it) to help it keep its colour for as long as possible.

Sterling Silver Jewellery:
Sterling Silver Jewellery is ideal if you want a piece of jewellery with chain / clasps that will not fade with wear. Sterling Silver Jewellery can dull if worn with suncream / perfume but the silver can be brighted again by lightly polishing it with cloth.

*we are happy to design custom orders of our plated brass jewellery in sterling silver on request - please contact us for a quote*

Aura Infused / Dyed / Plated Stones:
Crystals and stones describes as plated may gradually lose their plating - to prolonged colour and shine, avoid contact with direct sunlight, water and products such as perfume / chemical cleaning products

Natural Coloured Stones:
Amethyst is a naturally purple stone, however this too should be kept out of sunlight - remember, your crystal and its colours formed deep under ground, so long periods in direct sunlight will gradually cause its colour to fade.

Cleaning Your Crystal:
Crystals on plated brass jewellery can be cleaned carefully by polishing with a cloth.

Crystals specimens (our ornamental pieces not on jewellery) can be carefully cleaned to remove dust by rinsing them in cold water and then wrapping them in a soft cloth to dry. Avoid using hot water or water containing cleaning products such as soap or dishwashing liquid as the harsh chemicals in these can tarnish and discolour your crystal.

Storing Your Jewellery / Hair Accessories:
It is best to store jewellery in a jewellery box when not being worn. This avoids dust and day to day chemicals (deoderant / air freshener spray) from tarnishing and darkening jewellery. Our heavy statement necklaces are also best stored flat when not being worn to help them retain their shape.

Our Hair Accessories are sent packaged in a fabric bag which can be used to store them item when it is not being worn - this ensures the item does not become dusty and retains its sparkle.