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Stone Hoop Earrings - Pink Tourmaline / Moonstone

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Stone Hoop Earrings - Pink Tourmaline / Moonstone

Simple and easy to wear - these cuties feature small faceted Crystal with Sterling Silver detail and Sterling Silver Earring 'Sleeper' Hoops.

The Crystal Charms can also be removed so the hoops can be worn alone for a varied look.

Hoop: Approximately 8mm Full Sterling Silver
Detail: Sterling Silver Trio Ball Detail below each Crystal

Moonstone Crystal: A cloudy milky tone Crystal with subtle blue shimmers, for Wishes and Dreams, associated with the Third Eye Chakra and Sacral Chakra

Pink Tourmaline Crystal: A juicy pink tone Crystal, for Joy and Happiness, associated with the Heart Chakra

This item is packaged in paper gift envelope with Midnight Deer Card