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Sirens Necklace - polished Quartz, Sterling silver

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Sirens Necklace - polished Quartz, Sterling silver

Sirens Necklace
Handmade by us in Brighton UK

- I'm in love with these Statement polished semi precious Quartz Crystals! With varying tones from clear to smoky, these polished pieces catch the light almost like icy glass from a chandelier.

This design is finished with thick sterling silver chain, sturdy hallmarked 925 Sterling Silver clasp and Sterling Silver components for a contemporary look.

Quartz: a stone for clarity, power, energy

Necklace Length: 53.5cm (21 inch) - longer length available on request (prices may vary) - please contact us prior to ordering to arrange if you need a different length.

* Each Sirens Necklace is unique due to the natural formations and tone of each Crystal, plus the general cutting and polishing process. Your Sirens Necklace features a range of unique attributes which may include: inclusions, cloudy tops, smoky tones, mottled black flecks of black tourmaline, clear icy points, irregular shapes, slight unsmooth cut areas which occur during the creation of each piece.

*The current necklaces available are Necklace B and C as labelled in the images.

Necklace B: Features Cloudy Flecks and Inclusions, Smooth Matte / Shiny Tops, varied tones

Necklace C: Slightly Chunkier Quartz pieces, almost bubble like cloudy flecks, 1 Rainbow Inclusion on the left side Quartz, Sterling Silver Bead sides, varied tones

*This item is packaged in fabric storage bag, paper gift wrap with crystal info card*

Caring for your Necklace: Sterling Silver designs keep their shine and any tarnish / discolouration during wear can be brightened by polishing the Necklace with diluted soapy water and a soft cloth. Statement Necklaces are heavy and should be worn with care (no jumping up and down in them!)

When not being worn your necklace should be stored in a jewellery box - whilst displaying jewellery in your room might look nice, dirt and dust particles will discolour both Plated and Sterling jewellery.