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Palo Santo Incense and Crystal Set - with Incense Tray

Palo Santo Incense and Crystal Set - with Incense Tray

Fill your living space with sweet Palo Santo scent and create pretty areas in your living space / work area

This Set Includes:

3 boxes of Incense (12 incense sticks per box)

1 Quartz Crystal: Polished Specimen in Clear to Cloudy Tones. These ice like polished treasures can be either displayed alongside your other finds in your living space or carried in your bag / pocket during your day. Associated with Energy, Harmony and Calm.

Metal Incense Holder: Silver tone finish with floral detailing

*This Set is sent in Paper Gift Wrap with Stone Info

*Midnight Deer orders are sent in recyclable / reusable and / or recycled packaging wherever possible

*Incense Safety: Burning Incense can cause fire - never burn incense whilst asleep, or on or near anything flammable. Ensure your incense is not lit around curtains or underneath houseplants which may catch fire. Do not leave burning incense unattended or around pets or children

*Please Note: Incense Stick colours may vary