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The Midnight Deer

Luna Statement Suncatcher - with Aura Quartz Crystal

Luna Statement Suncatcher - with Aura Quartz Crystal

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Each Luna Suncatcher is unique with one of a kind Aura Quartz Crystal nugget featuring iridescent tones. A Crystal associated with Clarity, Power and Energy - these Quartz pieces are plated with a metallic finish to obtain their out of this world shimmer.

Full of sparkles, these beauties glisten in your window, creating light reflections around your room as they catch the sunlight.

Materials: Glass, Gold Plated Brass, Golden Finish Brass, Quartz Crystal

*Low Waste: This design includes off cuts from my other projects meaning less waste materials

*Handmade in Brighton, UK

*Recyclable Packaging: All orders are sent in recyclable packaging wherever possible