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The Midnight Deer

Iridescent Aura Quartz Cluster Specimen

Iridescent Aura Quartz Cluster Specimen

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These Quartz Crystals have been infused with subtle shimmering iridescent tones, for that extra special sparkle - they look beautiful on a shelf with other treasures and keepsakes!

Quartz: for clarity, power and energy

Approximate Measurements: 1 inch to 1.5 inches

These beauty can be displayed free standing (if leant against a wall or other Crystal Specimen as pictured) or flat.

Select from 1 Aura Quartz Crystal Specimen (for a minimal look or to compliment your other Crystals) or 3 Aura Quartz Crystal Specimens (for more of a statement look as pictured)

*Your Aura Quartz will be chosen at random from our collection, some of which are pictured

*To keep your Aura Quartz shimmering colour, avoid direct contact with sunlight and harsh chemicals*

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