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Incense Container Set - with Rose Incense Cones

Incense Container Set - with Rose Incense Cones

Silver Glass Incense Container and Incense Set - includes 30 Incense Cones (Rose Scented)

- the prettiest silver tone glass container, like a magical Goose Egg, perfect for storing your Incense Cones. These containers look beautiful alongside Rose Quartz and flowers, as are also a symbol of life and fertility 🥚

This set includes a box of 30 Incense Cones (and small metal tray to use when burning one)

The container is silver tone with “crackle” effect glass which catches the light beautifully

For more Crystals and room / alter accessories please see my other listings 💗

*Orders are sent in recyclable packaging when possible

*Incense Safety: Incense can cause fire - never burn incense whilst asleep, or on or near anything flammable. Ensure your incense is not lit around curtains or underneath houseplants which may catch fire. Do not leave burning incense unattended or around pets or children