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The Midnight Deer

Grey Blue Apophyllite Crystal Cluster - associated with Calming Anxiety

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 Grey Blue Apophyllite Crystal Cluster - associated with Calming Anxiety

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We’ve named this beauty “Blue Cloud” inspired by its almost rounded shape and blueish grey tones

A beautiful combination of chunky cube formations and points - this beauty sparkles with grey, slightly blue and slush yellow tones with a small rainbow inclusion and deep grey outer layer

Associated with calming Anxiety and Stress, this treasure is perfect for display on bookshelves or with other special keepsakes.

Measurements: Approximately 9cm x 9cm (3.5 inch x 3.5 inch)
This beauty can be displayed free standing (on a sturdy surface) or flat.

These mesmerising treasures are happiest away from damp and wet areas, extreme heat or sunlight, allowing them to remain shaded and cool imitating the deep Earth conditions which created them. A shady spot on your desk in your study area, your bedside table, on a shelf by your favourite books or near where you like to be most creative would be ideal. The colours are properties of this Crystal would be complimented next to Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Quartz or Apophyllite Crystals (see our Crystals / Homeware Collection for a few ideas)

Sourced for us in India

This item is sent packaged with Midnight Deer Crystal Card, Care info, Paper Gift Wrap and Parcel Box

*Some small stone dust fragments may come away when handling. Please handle and display with care. To keep your crystal in good condition, avoid prolonged direct sunlight or extreme heat.

*Environmental Packaging: To ensure safe delivery we use card parcel boxes and paper gift wrap (both of which you can reuse / recycle) we also use padding such as plastic bubble wrap which we have repurposed from previous jewellery making supply orders. We hope you to can reuse or recycle the packaging wherever possible 💚

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