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Good Vibes Incense Set

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Good Vibes Incense Set

Fill your living space with spiced and sweet scent and create pretty areas in your room / work area

Available as a full set including Incense Tray, Bloodstone and Incense or separately:

1 x Bloodstone: Associated with Clarity, Decision Making, Dreams, Prosperity, Courage. Polished Specimen in deep green and red tones - each one unique. This can be either displayed in your living space or carried in your bag / pocket during your day.

Metal Incense Holder: Silver tone finish with floral detail

Good Vibes Incense: 3 boxes of 12 Incense Sticks

*This Set is sent in Paper Gift Wrap with Stone Info

*recyclable / recycled packaging where possible

*Please Note: Incense Stick colours may vary