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Apollo and Daphne - Alabaster Small Statue

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Apollo and Daphne - Alabaster Small Statue

These enchanting figures, comprised of white alabaster, are hand crafted in Greece depicting the Mythical Apollo and his beloved Nymph Daphne. This statue has beautiful details and Greek inscription at the base

The Greek Myth of Apollo and Daphne begins with Apollo mocking the God of Love Eros, causing Eros to retaliate by shooting him with a golden arrow causing him to fall in love with Daphne, and shooting Daphne with a lead arrow causing her to detest Apollo. Apollo attempts to hug Daphne and she turns into a tree.

Ideal for adding to your room alongside Crystals and House plants - or in your alter or shrine.

*This item is sent packaged in tissue gift wrap, recycled bubble wrap or padding and card parcel box ♻️