Sea Glass Necklace - genuine sea glass on Sterling silver


Sea Glass is created by bottles, shipwrecks and other glass items that find their way into the ocean. Over the years they travel through the sea, becoming reshaped by the waves, until they wash up on the beach, along with seashells and pebbles.

For every piece of sea glass we collect, we replace with 2 stones of our own, to help preserve our beautiful beaches and avoid coastal erosion.

This item is handmade with genuine Sea Glass from Penzance / Port Isaac / Trebarweth / Marazion in Cornwall, Brighton and Corfu.

Each piece has a unique shape and colour, with some areas matte and frosted, and others chipped and shining - select the sea glass you'd like from the options below.

*These necklaces are made to order so please allow 1 week for this item to be dispatched

Chain Length: 42cm (16.5 inches) Sterling Silver Chain

*This item is packaged in paper gift wrap with a fabric gift bag*