Pink Opal Necklace - sterling silver / gold filled


I'm so excited to be working with this Pink Opal, I've been trying to hunt some down this like for ages!

Formed millions of years ago, and only found in Peru, these stones have been cut and polished and are available in an array of peachy and pink hues with brown and black flecks and veins.

Pink Opal: the stone of peace, hope and love

Chain: Sterling Silver / Gold Filled and Gold Plated Brass (not pictured)

Length: 40cm (16 inches)

*If you have a preference on which stone is used (see image 5) please add this in the 'notes' section of your order (stone C has sold)*

*This item is packaged in a fabric bag (that you can use to store your necklace when not wearing it) and paper gift wrap*