Galactic Aura Quartz Crystal Geodes - Purple Green Flame - SOLD OUT


Our Aura Geodes sparkle with metallic tones - perfect for adding a little mystic magic to your home.

Geodes are hollow rocks created by cooling Lava and Oxygen. The sparkling Quartz crystals they contain are formed over Millions of years, until the stone is found and cracked open.

These Quartz Crystal Geodes have been Aura plated with shimmering tones, for that extra special sparkle - they look beautiful on a shelf with other treasures and keepsakes!

Quartz: for clarity, power and energy

Approximate Measurements: 1.5 inches - 2 or 3 inches

Please see other images and options for styles available - Style B and C sold

*This item is packaged in paper gift wrap

*To keep your Geodes shimmering colour, avoid direct contact with sunlight and harsh chemicals*

Sold Out